Defense drills

Improve your side when they are on the retreat with this section of defensive basketball drills.

Let Them Land, Keep Elbows In

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The intentional-foul rule has changed with referees keeping a closer eye on how defensive players close out and controlling swinging elbows when securing possession WHY USE IT Once again, physical play has pushed it way into basketball much more during recent years. High school players now must provide a jump shooter space to land when in the act of shooting. Plus, the swinging... MORE

Keep Your Hands To Yourself

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The new “excessive contact” rule comes from the college game and hones in on defenders impeding a ball handler’s momentum, especially on the perimeter WHY USE IT As the game has become more physical, players are used to placing their hands on ball handlers. That now is going to be called a foul more often as referees are instructed to look for... MORE

‘Forty-Four’ Extends The Defense

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The offense has an initial, marked advantage and it’s up to the defenders to slow the attack and even the odds WHY USE IT Offenses are taught to attack in transition when having the numbers. Teach your defenders never to give up on a play and if they hustle, there is a chance to stop an offense’s momentum and limit scoring. SET UP... MORE

High Double Screen Leads To 3-Pointer

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UConn’s high double screen produces any number of options – check out this play setting up a strong outside-shooting forward with a 3-pointer WHY USE IT Bringing both post players high draws those defenders away from the hoop and forces the defense to guess which side the offense is going to attack. SET UP UConn ran the double-highscreen play time after time... MORE

Stop Dribble Penetration

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Help defenders must be ready to stop dribble penetration, even when it occurs near the baseline, then back toward the top SET UP The ball is located on the wing with the on-ball defender tightly guarding. The post defenders front their responsibilities if those offensive players are inside the box. The weak-side wing defender cannot... MORE

Guard The Wing

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The on-ball defender’s goal is to keep the defender in front of him but help defense is available if dribble penetration occurs SET UP The red curved line just inside and mirroring the 3-point line distinguishes the “pack” area. If a defender is not on the ball, then he is inside the pack. The boxed... MORE

1 Vs. 2 Rebounding Drill

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Reward players’ hustle rather than their height in this rebounding drill pitting a single offensive rebounder attempting to get around two defenders boxing out WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL REBOUNDING DRILL Most rebounding drills benefit taller players and don’t reward everyone else for boxing out or pursuing rebounds – this drill does. SET UP You are... MORE


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