Defense drills

Improve your side when they are on the retreat with this section of defensive basketball drills.

Hit The Trailer For A Backdoor Lob

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This secondary break play positions two players along the strong-side lane line with the trailer cutting through the lane and scoring on the backside WHY USE IT The secondary break is perfect to attack a retreating defense. SET UP The point guard (1) dribbles into the front court on the right side with the center (2) trailing. Position a player close to... MORE

‘Alley’ Drill Tightens The Court

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Push players using a 1-on-1, full-court setting and give the defense the advantage by trimming the boundaries to the free-throw-lane width WHY USE IT Defenders need to learn the best methods to guard a ball handler in a potential lengthof- the-court situation. Ball handlers never have the entire court at their disposal, so show defenders they have an advantage by squeezing the boundaries. SET... MORE

Rotate Quickly To Gain An Advantage

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Defense is the goal but communication is a huge part of the focus in the Cut Throat Drill – when it’s time to rotate, players must hustle or face being a step behind WHY USE IT This portion of the drill stresses communication and allows for players to work on transitioning in a half-court setting. SET UP Continuing from the... MORE

Only The Defense Scores In Cut Throat Drill

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Defenders work on closing out, cutting down passing angles, staying low and stopping dribble penetration during the early stages of the drill WHY USE IT Every team runs some version of the normal defensive shell drill. Place a unique spin on yours but upping the intensity and forcing players to rely upon each other rather than looking to you for guidance. SET... MORE

Trap Drill Creates Havoc

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On one side create confusion, induce panic and force a turnover while the other side attempts to remain calm, build confidence and pass out of an aggressive trap WHY USE IT Trapping and double-teams are part of most coaches’ defensive philosophies these days. As players execute these actions more often, they can become lax in forming the trap. This drill forces them... MORE

Take A Charge

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Taking an offensive foul typically shifts momentum as defenders love rallying around the knocked-down player – instill this tough defensive mentality in your practices WHY USE IT It takes practice to stand in front of an oncoming offensive player and not move. The first few times, defenders generally shift backward or take a half-step out of the way. SET UP Stand under... MORE

Let Them Land, Keep Elbows In

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The intentional-foul rule has changed with referees keeping a closer eye on how defensive players close out and controlling swinging elbows when securing possession WHY USE IT Once again, physical play has pushed it way into basketball much more during recent years. High school players now must provide a jump shooter space to land when in the act of shooting. Plus, the swinging... MORE

Keep Your Hands To Yourself

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The new “excessive contact” rule comes from the college game and hones in on defenders impeding a ball handler’s momentum, especially on the perimeter WHY USE IT As the game has become more physical, players are used to placing their hands on ball handlers. That now is going to be called a foul more often as referees are instructed to look for... MORE

‘Forty-Four’ Extends The Defense

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The offense has an initial, marked advantage and it’s up to the defenders to slow the attack and even the odds WHY USE IT Offenses are taught to attack in transition when having the numbers. Teach your defenders never to give up on a play and if they hustle, there is a chance to stop an offense’s momentum and limit scoring. SET UP... MORE

High Ball Screen Leads To 3 Options

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Execute a simple high ball screen and produce a driving layup, a kick-out pass for a 3-pointer or a free-throw-line jumper WHY USE IT When your point guard has the ability to break down a defender with the dribble, then multiple scoring options are available. SET UP Position your forwards/center at opposite elbows with the two guards located in opposite corners. The... MORE


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