‘Full Closeout’ Tests Endurance

After completing a full-court transition layup, those 2 players now must sprint back in the opposite direction to close out on shooters in the front court.


Too often you see teams convert a transition layup, only to have the opposition immediately inbound the ball, pass it up the floor and quickly score, which offsets your previous bucket.


Two players begin on offense and are at one end of the floor. Four players are spaced along one of the sidelines. These players eventually become passers and Blue1 and 2 are the potential shooters in the front court as the initial offensive players (in white jerseys) transition into defenders.


White1 dribbles the length of the court as White2 sprints up the sideline and eventually cuts behind White1 [A]. White1 scores the layup, then makes a pass to Blue4 on the sideline. Blue4 passes to Blue3, who then passes to Blue2 as White2 sprints to recover on defense [B]. White2 closes out on Blue2 as a potential shooter, then Blue2 makes the pass to Blue1 in the corner as White1 hustles to close out on this corner shooter. If Blue2 was open, that player can shoot or have Blue1 take the shoot once receiving the pass [C].


1. The actions start with 1 dribbling quickly down the floor and 2 running behind him or her — players must be going hard or have them start over


2. Convert the layup, grab the ball and immediately pass to the person in the corner, then after the pass the shooter sprints the length of the court
3. White2 curls behind White1 near the free throw line, then hustles back to close out on Blue2


4. If Blue2 has an open shot (because White2 isn’t hustling), then Blue2 takes it and have the white-jersey players run through the motions again
5. White1 really needs to go all-out to close out on Blue1 in time before a shot is taken — if Blue1 hits the shot, force the white-jersey players to run through the actions again


The initial offensive movements down the floor must be fast — don’t allow lazy dribbling — this is a fast break to start! This forces players then to hustle quickly back just as if transitioning from offense to defense in a game as the other team pushes the ball up the floor.

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