Basketball Defense Drills

Improve your side when they are on the retreat with this section of defensive basketball drills.

1-On-1 to Master the Closeout

1-On-1 to Master the Closeout

Building great defenders starts with properly closing out against pass-catching perimeter players, use this 1-on-1 Closeout Drill to sharpen the skill. Why use it Closing out is a skill needing constant repetition. Players tend to slack off a bit when it comes to closing out hard on the perimeter. Put a focus on it so […]

Outnumbered but Not Outmatched

Outnumbered but Not Outmatched

Stack the odds against your defense by placing 7 offensive players on the floor to score against just 5 defenders – watch the defenders communicate and hustle to stop the ball. Why use it Everyone has their version of a defensive shell drill. This one utilizes seven offensive players. It’s especially effective for teams playing […]

Downscreens, Ball Reversal & Lob

Shift the defense with downscreens, then work the ball across the top of the set to clear space for a well-timed backscreen leading to a lob WHY USE IT The best time to catch a defense off-guard for a backdoor scoring opportunity is when you are moving the ball from one side of the court […]

Learn The 6 Techniques To Defend Ball Screens

The key is to be great at just 1 or 2 of the suggested strategies but having an understanding of them all allows you to employ the best defense for your talent The best way to approach ballscreen defense is to become strong in one or two tactics, and not trying to cram too many […]

Slide Into Defensive Position

A skill to work on every day in practice, the defensive slide isn’t as easy as it looks, especially when facing a gifted ball handler WHY USE IT The defensive slide is a critical skill to contain dribble penetration. It requires excellent footwork and coordination, so needs to be drilled daily. SET UP A ball handler and defender are positioned in each […]

Blind Rebound Outlet

Keep the rebounder in the dark about where the ball is going to work on game-like situations, then move into outlet passing and defending the pull-up jumper WHY USE IT Rebounders have their back to the ball on a shot in a game, so simulate the same scenario in practice. SET UP A rebounder is facing the hoop under the […]

Backdoor Screen Creates Lob Opportunity

The initial ball handler on the right wing ends up on the opposite side then in position for a perfectly placed backdoor lob WHY USE IT Defenses typically don’t expect the initial ball handler, who relocates to the weak side, to be the player who eventually ends up with the scoring opportunity. Use this play to distract the defines as you set up […]

Hit The Trailer For A Backdoor Lob

This secondary break play positions two players along the strong-side lane line with the trailer cutting through the lane and scoring on the backside WHY USE IT The secondary break is perfect to attack a retreating defense. SET UP The point guard (1) dribbles into the front court on the right side with the center (2) trailing. Position a player close to […]

‘Alley’ Drill Tightens The Court

Push players using a 1-on-1, full-court setting and give the defense the advantage by trimming the boundaries to the free-throw-lane width WHY USE IT Defenders need to learn the best methods to guard a ball handler in a potential lengthof- the-court situation. Ball handlers never have the entire court at their disposal, so show defenders they have an advantage by squeezing the boundaries. SET […]