Cycles Drill Fuels Fast Basketball Break

It’s a race against the clock to complete five full-court trips with specific basketball passing, dribbling and shooting assignments – master this and watch your fast-break offense take off

To play fast in a game, you need to play even faster in practice. Cycles allows everyone to get their hands on the ball and quickly push in a transition setting.

Place 33 seconds on the clock. Have a player take the ball out of bounds with the four others spread around the free-throw-line area.


 Practice Plan



The first trip down the floor has 5 passing to 1. 1 dribbles hard the length of the floor and shoots a layup. 5 grabs the ball out of the net and throws an inbound pass to 1, who has located to the right wing to start the second trip.

1 fires a long pass to 3, who filled the left lane in first trip and now is sprinting the length of the court for a layup opportunity [1]. 5 again grabs the ball out of the net and passes to 1 to start the third trip.

1 dribbles and passes to 2 in stride for a 3-pointer on the right side. 5 grabs the rebound, passes to 1, who then passes to 4. 4 sprinted to the cone in the third trip and now is racing to the other end to complete the fourth trip [2].

The drill concludes with the fifth trip as 5 passes to 1. 1 passes to 2 in the front court. 5 sprints the length of the floor and receives a pass from 2 for a layup [3].

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