Crown A Winner In ‘55 Seconds’

Only 3 players are needed to run the competitive 55-Second Drill working on rebounding, outlet passing, passing to a shooter — and most importantly — shooting coming off a V-cut.

Why use it

The best shooting drills have a competitive element to them. This one only requires about three minutes and works on a variety of skills, as well as crowning a winner at the end.

Set up

Start with a rebounder holding the ball under the hoop. A passer is at the top of the set and the shooter for the first set of actions is positioned in the right corner.

How to play

3 passes to 2 at the top of the set. 1 makes a V-cut stepping toward the hoop, planting, then coming back outside the 3-point line. 2 catches the pass and fires a pass to 1 [diagram 1].

1 catches the pass from 2 and shoots. 3 rebounds and the actions continue [diagram 2].

Once again, 3 passes to 2. 2 passes to 1 as 1 V-cuts. 1 catches and shoots. This goes on for 55 seconds. 1 keeps track of how makes he or she has [diagram 3].


Players rotate after 55 seconds. 1 moves to the rebounding position. 3 moves to the top and 2 becomes the shooter in the corner. 2 keeps track of his or her makes in this round and, finally, rotates one more time so 3 is the shooter. 3 keeps track of makes. The winner is the one who made the most shots. Instruct players to move around the court for different passing and shooting angles.

    1. The rebounder simulates a game situation by working on proper boxing-out position, snaring the ball and firing a strong pass to the perimeter
    2. 2 catches the ball and fires a chest pass to 1, who is coming back to the perimeter after the V-cut — be sure this is an on-target pass

    3. 1 catches and shoots — it’s not a rushed shot but you don’t want 1 taking forever to set before shooting

    4. After 55 seconds, 3 moves to the top to take the place of the passer
    5. On the rotation, 2 becomes the shooter and 1 moves to under the hoop to serve as the rebounder

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