Conditioning, Focus Fuel ‘Triple Shot’

This constantly moving, full-court drill gets three players shots at the same time while forcing everyone to hustle so the actions move seamlessly from one end to the next.

Why use it

Rather than having three people sprint the length of the floor and only earning a shot for one of them, this drill scores a transition layup on the move plus a pair of mid-range jumpers so everyone is rewarded for their hustle.

Set up

Players 1, 2 and 3 start the drill. 1 is in the middle with a ball. 4, 5 and 6 line up behind them with 4 and 6 holding balls. 7, 8 and 9 are on the opposite baseline with 7 and 9 holding basketballs.

How to play

2 starts running up the floor. 1 passes ahead to 2. 3 is sprinting up the opposite side. 2 passes back to 1 sprinting up the middle. 1 then passes to 3 in stride heading toward the left side of the hoop. 2 hustles into the front court and receives a pass from 9. 1 locates to the left wing and receives a pass from 7 [diagram 1].

3 scores the left-handed layup. 1 and 2 shoot mid-range jumpers. 1 and 2 rebound their shots and fill the openings left by 7 and 9. 8 grabs the ball out of the net and 3 takes that spot on the baseline [diagram 2].

The actions continue in the opposite direction. 8 passes ahead to 7. 7 passes back to 8, who then fires a pass ahead to 9 for the layup. 7 and 8 move to the front court [diagram 3].


Players must hustle. You can’t have basketballs bouncing around the floor when the next group of three is ready to start their actions.

    1. This is not an easy drill for the player in the middle as he or she must make two passes all while sprinting, then relocating to the left wing for a jump shot
    2. 3 sprints the length of the floor and cuts in toward the hoop to receive a pass in stride for a left-handed layup

    3. Take the jump shot and follow it to track down the ball before it possibly starts bouncing back onto the floor
    4. The wing players who made the passes to the jump shooters start sprinting up the floor to keep the actions moving

    5. There is no dribbling in this drill, so these longer passes need to be on target

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