Ball Movement Rules Heath Drill

Based on the children’s game of tag, ball handlers pass to teammates in an effort to tag the opposition stationed inside the 3-point line

Keep players engaged with a drill that is fun, competitive, teaches spatial awareness and forces quick thinking from all players involved.

The 3-point arc serves as an out-of-bounds line, as does the baseline. Ensure all players are involved, so divide into groups of five and pit two groups at one end of the floor and two groups at the other. Or, if the squad is a bit smaller, you can go 6-on-6 or 7-on-7 at one end of the floor.

You initiate action by passing to a White team player. When in possession of the ball, the White team players only are allowed to pivot – they cannot run or dribble with the ball. The Blue team avoids being tagged but must remain inside the arc [1]. When a player is tagged, he steps out of play. In this case, the White team tagged a Blue, but then made an errant pass out of bounds [2]. When the ball goes out of bounds, an eliminated Blue player returns into the action [3].

Basketball passing drill

Use this drill as a warm-up for experienced players and as an introductory passing drill for youth players who need more help in developing their live game passing and decision making.

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