Backdoor Screen Creates Lob Opportunity

The initial ball handler on the right wing ends up on the opposite side then in position for a perfectly placed backdoor lob

Defenses typically don’t expect the initial ball handler, who relocates to the weak side, to be the player who eventually ends up with the scoring opportunity. Use this play to distract the defines as you set up this scenario.

A guard (2) dribbles into the front court on the right side with 1 and 5 trailing. 4 has sprinted deep into the lane with 3 positioned on the weak-side wing.

2 passes to 1 on the wing and 5 moves through the left side of the lane. 4 curls toward the ball-side elbow with 3 sprinting the baseline and locating to the opposite wing [1]. 1 passes to 3 as soon as he or she ends up on the right wing. 1 then runs off a high screen from 4 and cuts toward the hoop. 5 comes high on the opposite side and screens for 2, who cuts backdoor [2]. 3 passes to 4 in the high post. 1 clears through the lane to the right corner. 4 pivots and tosses a lob to 2 at the rim for the layup [3].


Have 3 make an initial look at 1 coming off 4’s screen. This is a quick decision, however, because 1 needs to clear the lane and set up the backdoor pass for 2 if not open.

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