6-Trip Shell Parts 4-6

The drill continues with the point guard shooting a mid-range jumper, the rim runner laying in the ball and adding defenders in the final phase

Players must dig deep to complete all six phases of this drill – this mirrors a back-and forth game situation.

After running through the first three trips, the ball is in your center’s hands on the right side of the floor.

The point passes to the shooting guard on the right wing. After the pass, the point hustles into the front court, receives a pass back and shoots the mid-range jumper [1]. The trailing rim runner grabs the ball and passes quickly to the point, who pushes ahead slightly to the right side and passes to the small forward on the wing. The power forward clears to the strong-side block. The inbounder hustles the floor length, receives the wing pass and scores at the rim [2]. The non-shooting rim runner inbounds the ball and now the offense is facing three frontcourt defenders. Two more defenders enter the fray when the ball crosses mid-court. The point (or coach) calls out utilize.

Basketball drill

The point guard has to make a quick decision based on the positioning of the defense with the knowledge two more defenders are pursuing.

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