50/50 Drill Builds Toughness

It’s a 1-on-1 battle in the paint to see who is the strongest, toughest and most determined player when it comes to tracking down loose balls and scoring while contested.


The 50/50 Drill forces players to leave it all on the floor to achieve success.


Start the drill with one player holding a ball at the free-throw line. The opponent is positioned in front of him or her and serves as the initial defender. All shots must come from inside the painted area.


The player with the ball only is allowed one dribble to get into the paint. Once in the paint, the player shoots as the two players battle for the rebound [1]. In this instance, the shot is missed and bounces outside the lane. The opponent boxes out the shooter and tracks down the ball [2]. With the ball outside the paint but inside the 3-point line, the blue-jersey player has one dribble to get back into the lane and shoot [3].


The ball always is live, even on made shots. Award one point for a made shot. On a miss, if the ball is secured in the paint, then the rebounder does not have the use of a dribble. If the ball is rebounded outside the paint, the player has one dribble to get to the lane. If a long rebound is tracked down outside the 3-point line, then the rebounder has two dribbles to get to the lane. Set a clock and keep score.

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