‘3-Man Transition’ Pushes Tempo

Work on attacking layups, outlet passes, running the floor, accurate passes, scoring in transition and conditioning in this all-encompassing drill

Combine conditioning and basketball skills into one drill as three players push hard to run half the court then sprint the length of the floor to score on the move.

Three players are in a line near mid-court with the first person holding a ball.

1 attacks the basket with the dribble and scores the layup. 2 trails behind and grabs the ball out of the net. 3 runs toward the hoop but peels off toward the opposite wing [1]. 2 inbounds the ball to 3, who then speed-dribbles up the floor. 1 runs the middle of the floor as the rim runner [2]. 3 sends a long, accurate, sharp pass to 1 on the run. 1 catches it in stride and scores at the rim. Players return to the same initial spot at mid-court and switch positions for the next trip up and down the court [3].

If 3 makes an accurate pass, 1 should not have to dribble en route to the rim. 1 must hustle to score the initial layup then serve as the rim runner the other way. 3 has to gather the inbound pass, pivot and look up court all in one motion to hit 1 streaking toward the basket.

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