2-in-1 transition drill for conditioning and skill development

This drill runs from 2-on-3 to 3-on-2 to 2-on-1, which pushes defenders to sprint and pick up the ball in transition, and encourages the offense to attack.

Why use this drill?

Transition drills work conditioning and skill development into the same package. This drill does just that and rewards players who hustle the most.

Setting up this drill is easy

Organize your team so that…

  • They start in a 2-on-3 half-court
  • You (the coach) are at the top
    of the key with a ball and will
    make the entry pass.
  • While
    the drill starts in the halfcourt,
    it includes full-court

How to carry out this drill

  • The offensive players (white jerseys) both pop to the wing and look for your entry pass
  • The extra defender (the one in the middle), runs and double-teams the new ball handler.
  • It’s now 1’s job to get open. The teams play 2-on-3 [1].
  • After a made basket or turnover, the three defenders (blue jerseys) now are on offense and transition against the white-jersey players [2].
  • The blue-jersey player who shoots (in this case, 3) now hustles back to the other end as the two white-jersey players attack in a 2-on-1 situation [3].

Here’s a simple diagram for setting up this play

Getting the technique right to perform this drill effectively

Things happen quickly, so be sure you exit the court immediately (in Diagram 1) and the non-shooting offensive players (players 1 and 2 in blue jerseys) race off the court in Diagram 3.

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