2 Flashes To The Hoop To Net 2 Points

Clear space directly in front of the inbounder by the hoop to set up multiple actions creating easy catch-and-score chances … or an open 3-point shooter on the wing.

Why use it

So many times when teams simply need two points in a baseline situation, they still end up launching a long-distance shot. This play provides you with two chances to score near the hoop … and still has a 3-point option if you are so inclined.

Set up

Start from a high box look with the guards positioned outside the 3-point line and your forwards near the elbows.

How to play

3 comes low to set a screen for 4. 4 uses the screen and curls through the lane as the first option coming to the ball [diagram 1].

If that’s not available, 4 clears out of the lane to the weak side along the baseline. Now, 2 steps low and screens for 3. 3 curls around the screen and perimeter coming free on the ball-side wing. If 3 is wide open, make the pass [diagram 2].

As the focus shifts to 3 on the perimeter, 5 slips and dives to the ball. 1 makes the easy pass and 5 scores at the rim [diagram 3].


The first option is open a lot as 4’s defender isn’t expecting to be screened. Typically, 4 is the person going to set a screen. Instruct 3 to look for the open pass on the wing but ideally you want 3 sprinting hard to the ball-side corner to create more space near the hoop.

    1. Starting from a high box keeps defenders from sagging and defending the rim, so the initial action routinely yields a layup opportunity
    2. 4’s defender doesn’t expect to be screened as 4 typically is the person doing the screening, so you are catching the defense off guard

    3. 3 curls around the perimeter, looks for a pass but is sure to continue toward the corner for spacing purposes
    4. 4 clears out of the lane to draw a defender away from guarding this space near the hoop

    5. 5 slips to the hoop with defensive focus on 3 on the perimeter — 1 passes to 5 for the easy two points

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