T.J.Rosene on how to get the best out of your team

A couple years ago at a Point Guard College Clinic in Seattle, I listened to T.J. Rosene, the head men’s coach at Emmanuel College, Georgia, discuss how his team had led the nation in rebounding one year…yet never did a rebounding drill all season.

“We just had guys who could chase down the ball, so we let them,” he said and added that his point guard actually averaged 9.7 rebounds per game. “I’d watch him in pick-up games and he’d chase the ball down. Then, I’d tell him to box out and I’d hurt his rebounding numbers by 50 percent.”

Now, Rosene wasn’t using this example as a means to convince coaches to forget about rebounding, but more as a way to show you need to watch, listen and get to know your team before you start mindlessly adding drills to your practice plans.

With much more practice time available to you early in the season, don’t feel as if you have to fill it with drill after drill. If your team is succeeding in an unorthodox way, let them keep doing it and place your priorities on improving weaknesses.

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