Run Your Team On The Right Fuel

Nutrition and diet are areas where coaches can have a positive influence on players to become healthier

In simple terms, what we eat and drink provides the fuel for us to train, play and recover from training. What we need to know is what is the best fuel?

Carbo education for the benefit of the players
Carbohydrates are recognized to have the most immediate effect on the players’ performance, so educate your team that to eat better is to operate better. An appreciation of the benefits helps them choose better options.

Low-fat carbs for low-fat players
Despite the horrors outlined by some trendy diets, there are many staple foods providing excellent sources of carbohydrates, such as potatoes and pasta. The key is to avoid high-carb foods with high-fat content. This means that high consumption also leads to weight gain. For example, chips and pizza are two hazards to be avoided.

What’s good to eat ?
Some good, low-fat, high-carb foods are: rice, popcorn, breakfast cereals, fruit, toast and honey, potatoes and pasta.

Baked potatoes and sandwiches are good “whole” meals. Avoid too much fat when consuming these meals to make them an even healthier option. Cut down on the butter, cheese and mayonnaise and use baked beans, lean meats and low-fat cheeses.

Keep the balance
A diet cannot consist of carbohydrates alone, but also requires protein, fat and water. It is worth asking players what they are eating and drinking, if only to help them make their own informed decisions.

“If I want to fly like a bird, I have to eat like a bird.” Michael Jordan, six-time NBA champion

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