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Post Roll Bounce

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Don’t give up on a big man on the block simply because the defense stymies the initial entry pass – swing the ball and reestablish position for an in-close bucket. WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL PLAY A defense thinks it’s won when it thwarts an initial offensive attempt to pass the ball to the block. Take... MORE

Box Backdoor Cut

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Utilize your best player’s natural instincts and athleticism to exploit special situations for an extra basket or two during a game. THE SITUATION No. 5 Kansas trailed No. 4 Duke, 10-7, with 14:19 remaining in the first half of the teams’ early-season battle. The Jayhawks ran a simple box set to score an easy basket... MORE

Backdoor Pass Over Zone

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Zone defenders tend to focus too much on the area to cover and not enough on the offensive players – have your superstar pick an opening and score a layup. THE SITUATION Surprisingly trailing by two points at home against Vermont with 3:20 remaining in the game, Duke’s Jabari Parker shreds the Catamounts’ zone defense... MORE

Parker Post-Up

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When your best player is a forward, look to pound the post, especially on an inbound play where the big man starts at the top of the key. THE SITUATION Duke just had tipped off at home against Vermont last month. After being awarded the ball under the basket, the Blue Devils looked to their... MORE

How To Deliver The Perfect Team Talk

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Say the wrong thing at the wrong time and your well-intentioned team talk could do more harm than good. Sports psychologist Bill Beswick reveals the secrets behind delivering the perfect team talk From February 3 until March 27, 2013, the NBA’s Miami Heat did not lose a game. The team’s 27-game winning streak is the second longest in league history. While... MORE

Plan A 30-minute Countdown To TipOff

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When the team isn’t ready to play, physically or mentally, you’re on the back foot, so punctuality and preparation are key to starting a game on the right track Sometimes, due to poor directions, or traffic, or just plain bad timing, teams stagger onto the court just before the whistle blows. And boy does it... MORE

Run Your Team On The Right Fuel

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Nutrition and diet are areas where coaches can have a positive influence on players to become healthier In simple terms, what we eat and drink provides the fuel for us to train, play and recover from training. What we need to know is what is the best fuel? Carbo education for the benefit of the... MORE

Make Every Second Count At Halftime

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Strategy, tactics and organization have to be reinforced at halftime or in some cases changed in a short amount of time When it comes to halftime, you have three broad objectives: • To motivate your players. • To give them the best chance to absorb information. • To let them recover and get properly hydrated.... MORE

Make a Difference On Game Days

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You CAN make a difference on game day. Sure, every coach has a different style, but they all share a common goal – to get the best out of their team when it really counts Follow these simple dos and don’ts, and you WILL make a difference on game day. DON’T micro-manage the game. It... MORE

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