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Implement your Philosophy In Every Area of the Program

Implement your Philosophy In Every Area of the Program

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To me, this is the first step in developing your program because it gives direction and purpose for everyone involved. My belief is that individual player development (both mental toughness and basketball skills) and what you are able to accomplish in practice are the keys to the success of your team. I have listed philosophy... MORE

T.J.Rosene on how to get the best out of your team

T.J.Rosene on how to get the best out of...

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A couple years ago at a Point Guard College Clinic in Seattle, I listened to T.J. Rosene, the head men’s coach at Emmanuel College, Georgia, discuss how his team had led the nation in rebounding one year…yet never did a rebounding drill all season. “We just had guys who could chase down the ball, so... MORE

O'Sullivan's top tips for turning parents into assets

O’Sullivan’s top tips for turning parents into assets

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Are some parents driving you crazy? If you have parents who want to be involved but you’re not sure how to use them, John O’Sullivan has some ideas to help. O’Sullivan runs the Changing The Game Project and is an influential speaker who travels the country talking about how to improve youth and high school... MORE

Larry Doty's Communication Philosophy

Larry Doty’s Communication Philosophy

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I saw Larry Doty, the now-retired coach of the Linfield College (McMinnville, Oregon) men’s team speak about his NITE philosophy on better communication at the Oregon Athletic Coaches Association. I think he has some great points which I want to share with you. N – Names. Don’t just yell “Rebound!” – add in the player’s... MORE

Mental Toughness for coaches in running your program

Mental Toughness for coaches in running your program

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In addition to being able to bring out and focus the direction and efforts of the mental toughness of your players, a coach must also have the mental toughness not only to make the right strategic decisions at the right time during a pressure filled game, but also to endure the daily pressures of coaching. Mental toughness for... MORE

Lots of movement sets up backdoor

in In-Game Strategy, Offense drills

A lot of screening and motion goes into this set in which the opposite post comes high, sets a ball screen, rolls and eventually gets a pass from a dribbling wing. Why use this play Arizona’s offense has five players constantly moving, which keeps the defense on its heels and creates open passing lanes. Set... MORE

Disguise The Typical Clear-Out Set

in Basketball plays, In-Game Strategy

Central Florida wanted the ball in its ball handler’s hands going to the rim but utilized other action to add in an element of surprise. WHY USE IT So many teams go to a predictable clear-out play for the best ball handler/ scorer when desperately needing a bucket near the end of the game. This... MORE


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