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Pat Coons coaching philosophy

Pat Coons coaching philosophy

Our game continues to evolve outward. Three-pointers have taken over and, not surprisingly, Cleveland and the Houston Rockets led last NBA season in 3-pointers made. Your players see this, want to mimic it and spend their gym hours hoisting shots behind the line, how should this impact on your coaching philosophy. A while back I […]

Bill James's "safe lead" formula

Bill James’s “safe lead” formula

Recently, I discussed blowouts and how to handle them from your perspective. Roy Nickerson, a coach in Billerica Travel Basketball, Massachusetts, says he uses a statistical model by Bill James, who is more usually associated with baseball analytics. While Nickerson says the model was developed for college games, he says it can be used for lower levels. […]

How do you handle blowouts?

How do you handle blowouts?

It comes up every year – some team blows out another and it makes national news. So, I’m curious, how do you handle blowouts? I asked a few coaches this question a while back and three coaches agreed that once a game hits a 30-point difference, it’s time to take steps to keep things from […]

Bert DeSalvo's halftime talk tips

Bert DeSalvo’s halftime talk tips

There are some teams that just struggle coming out of the locker room at halftime. It’s hard to pinpoint why but there are no minutes to be wasted in a game. So, if your team takes a while to get going after the break, consider some of these tips about what to say at the […]

Westview's 6 areas of focus

Westview’s 6 areas of focus

I routinely go out and observed basketball practices. Last season, I went to Westview High (Beaverton, Oregon) to watch one of the top boys teams in the state. Upon entering the locker room, one of the first things you see if a game chart with many areas of focus on it, including six statistics at […]

Implement your Philosophy In Every Area of the Program

Implement your Philosophy In Every Area of the Program

To me, this is the first step in developing your program because it gives direction and purpose for everyone involved. My belief is that individual player development (both mental toughness and basketball skills) and what you are able to accomplish in practice are the keys to the success of your team. I have listed philosophy […]

T.J.Rosene on how to get the best out of your team

T.J.Rosene on how to get the best out of your team

A couple years ago at a Point Guard College Clinic in Seattle, I listened to T.J. Rosene, the head men’s coach at Emmanuel College, Georgia, discuss how his team had led the nation in rebounding one year…yet never did a rebounding drill all season. “We just had guys who could chase down the ball, so […]

O'Sullivan's top tips for turning parents into assets

O’Sullivan’s top tips for turning parents into assets

Are some parents driving you crazy? If you have parents who want to be involved but you’re not sure how to use them, John O’Sullivan has some ideas to help. O’Sullivan runs the Changing The Game Project and is an influential speaker who travels the country talking about how to improve youth and high school […]

Larry Doty's Communication Philosophy

Larry Doty’s Communication Philosophy

I saw Larry Doty, the now-retired coach of the Linfield College (McMinnville, Oregon) men’s team speak about his NITE philosophy on better communication at the Oregon Athletic Coaches Association. I think he has some great points which I want to share with you. N – Names. Don’t just yell “Rebound!” – add in the player’s […]