Make Sure Your Players Are Listening

If your players aren’t listening, how will you get your important message across? Remember these six simple points to keep them concentrating when you are coaching

Connecting and communicating with your players is not an easy thing. Have one player who is distracting the others or not paying attention, and your entire message is lost. In an attempt to avoid simply screaming at everyone to listen to you, there are ways to gain attention and the respect of the players at the same time.

Once you routinely garner attention through your actions, players become trained to listen at the appropriate times.

Here are six methods to use when it’s time for the focus to be on your words.

1 No one can listen until everyone is quiet and still. Don’t talk until then.

2 Hold up your hand to gain your players’ attention.

3 Make sure all balls are on the ground. No one is allowed to dribble when you are talking.

4 Don’t hold a ball while you are talking (unless you are demonstrating something) – for some reason nothing is funnier than the coach dropping the ball.

5 Make sure players aren’t staring into any bright lights in the gym. Players need to look at you as well as hear you to gain understanding, so if they have to squint, communication is less effective.

6 Face your players away from any other activity to avoid distractions.

“Everybody hears, but few listen.” Bob Knight, 902 career victories

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