Invest Time In All Your Players

A successful team is often a stable team. You may have a very clear idea of the basketball skills and qualities your players possess, but what do you know of them beyond that?

By gaining a greater understanding of your players as individuals, you can help improve your ability to understand and motivate them. Try and remember these five key points:

1 Players care about what you have to say when they know that you care about them.

2 Encourage the players to be as honest as they can. Emphasize that it helps build effective teams and encourages clear communication.

3 Most importantly, once you have collected this information – use it!

4 Making the effort to get to know the players, and not just their basketball abilities, can pay dividends when trying to understand their wider motivations.

5 The process of asking is a classic motivational tool for the player – it shows you care.

“Stand up for your players. Show them you care on and off the court.” Red Auerbach, nine-time NBA champion

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