Start Shooter In Corner, Create Top 3-Pointer

The initial movement starts right then utilizes ball reversal and a well-timed down screen to free the shooter coming high at the top

Horns plays are great for any offense as they work well again man or zone defences, plus the player positions keep the defenders guessing.

Start from a standard Horns set with a post player near each elbow and a shooter in each corner.

The point (1) passes to the right-side elbow (5), then relocates to the right corner as 3 cuts under the hoop. 2 (who is the shooter) moves from the left corner and curls around a downscreen set by 4 [1]. As the play looks to move right to the defines, ball reversal begins. 5 passes to 4 who has popped to the top. 3 continues running the baseline and receives a pass on the opposite wing [2]. 2 comes high and screens for 5 who cuts to the ball-side block. 2 pops to the top off a screen from 4 and receives the pass for the open 3-pointer. 5 also could be open on the block [3].


If the top shot isn’t available, have 4 turn around and set a ball screen so 2 has the option to dribble right and create, 2 then looks to attack the rim or hit 4 rolling to the hoop.