In-Game Strategy

Start Shooter In Corner, Create Top 3-Pointer

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The initial movement starts right then utilizes ball reversal and a well-timed down screen to free the shooter coming high at the top WHY USE IT Horns plays are great for any offense as they work well again man or zone defences, plus the player positions keep the defenders guessing. SET UP Start from a standard Horns set with a post... MORE

High Screen Frees 2 Players At Basket

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Your best screener executes three screens during the course of the play creating multiple high-percentage scoring opportunities WHY USE IT When you are trailing and desperate for a basket, get players moving toward the rim for a better chance at scoring. SET UP Position your best screener near the right-side elbow. The other four players are spaced outside the 3-point line with two bunched... MORE

High Double Screen Leads To 3-Pointer

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UConn’s high double screen produces any number of options – check out this play setting up a strong outside-shooting forward with a 3-pointer WHY USE IT Bringing both post players high draws those defenders away from the hoop and forces the defense to guess which side the offense is going to attack. SET UP UConn ran the double-highscreen play time after time... MORE

Press, Steal & Score

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Rick Pitino’s Louisville squad runs many varieties of the full-court press – try this one to force the offense into a turnover and an easy score for your team. WHY USE THIS DEFENSIVE BASKETBALL PLAY Add this to your defensive playbook to force the offense into poor decisions. Louisville used this press early in its... MORE

Post Roll Bounce

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Don’t give up on a big man on the block simply because the defense stymies the initial entry pass – swing the ball and reestablish position for an in-close bucket. WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL PLAY A defense thinks it’s won when it thwarts an initial offensive attempt to pass the ball to the block. Take... MORE

Box Backdoor Cut

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Utilize your best player’s natural instincts and athleticism to exploit special situations for an extra basket or two during a game. THE SITUATION No. 5 Kansas trailed No. 4 Duke, 10-7, with 14:19 remaining in the first half of the teams’ early-season battle. The Jayhawks ran a simple box set to score an easy basket... MORE

Backdoor Pass Over Zone

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Zone defenders tend to focus too much on the area to cover and not enough on the offensive players – have your superstar pick an opening and score a layup. THE SITUATION Surprisingly trailing by two points at home against Vermont with 3:20 remaining in the game, Duke’s Jabari Parker shreds the Catamounts’ zone defense... MORE

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