Nova Knows Offense

Look at it from any offensive angle and the Villanova program is tops in the country at scoring the basketball — take some tips from this juggernaut.

Villanova does a great job putting the ball on the floor when needed to collapse the defense and create open shooting opportunities on the perimeter

After a January 2018 game against Georgetown, Villanova coach Jay Wright spoke to reporters and discussed that while every night isn’t going to be your night to make shots, you have to convince players to keep taking them. Good shooters don’t stop simply because they are off for a short stretch.

“And we have a saying — shoot them up, sleep in the streets, which means you can’t be afraid on that night when you’re not making them,” Wright said. “They’re not gonna let you in the house. You gotta sleep in the streets. You can’t be afraid of that.”

While Wright and the Wildcats are known for their 4-out, 1-in motion offense, I went with a couple other sets (outside of the 4-out) for you to add to your playbook today. It’s good to see what Nova does outside its traditional offensive look.

The first play comes from a Horns set and creates a dribble-drive to the hoop or a kick-out pass to two shooters on the weak side.

The second play actually creates four different scoring opportunities, which means the defense never can cover all the ground, even if it knows it’s coming.

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