Efficient Offense Makes Xavier Elite

Teach your players to work for the best available shot and not just settle for a jumper because it’s partially open, then watch your %s and scoring increase.

Xavier is having one of its best shooting seasons to date, which is a major reason the Musketeers are poised for a late-March run

Chris Mack has been known in coaching circles for his ball-screen offense, which has served Xavier quite well as its built its program into a national contender. But, like any great coach, Mack also has his players step out of their comfort zones and run offense to create open looks without the benefit of a ball screen, especially when the opposition is expecting what the team usually runs.

That’s why I went with today’s two sets from Xavier’s playbook this season for this issue of Basketball Coach Weekly.

This isn’t the traditional ball-screen offense you anticipate Mack to run. But, it stays true to the Xavier way of playing by constantly moving the ball, setting screens and keeping players in motion so the defense never rest or is set.

Plus, these two plays create 3-point opportunities, which is something every team needs these days.

The first play got my attention because the person who receives the initial inbound pass then executes a handoff with the passer, and eventually moves low to the baseline before curling back to the perimeter off a double screen for an open jumper.

The second play is one of those where you are moving the ball back and forth on the perimeter to different players coming off screens, only to catch the defense off-guard with an extra pass for a forgotten player elevating from the corner.

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