Clean The Glass, Score Victories

Karl-Anthony Towns is one of the NBA’s best rebounders because he’s tough enough to battle multiple players for boards

Rebounding is critical to your team’s success. Forcing teams into just one shot at their offensive end of the floor while you are getting multiple looks at the rim at your end breaks the opposition’s spirit.

It’s why I wanted to give you a couple of rebounding drills today, which focus on more than just defensive boxing out. These are battles with several people (not just two) going for the board with the offensive players earning special rewards for emerging from the chaos in the lane with the ball.

The first drill is Triple Rebounding and pits three players all going after the same rebound, and whoever scores exits the action while a teammate joins as the remaining players continue to compete for boards. It’s a fast-paced, high-energy game.

The second is Close And Board to work in your defensive close-outs, your offensive space and angle awareness, and to build toughness as four people vie for one rebound.

Don’t forget about drilling the fundamentals as you hit your stretch run of the season. Create extra possessions by cleaning the glass.

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