Make Your Training Sessions Fun

in Basketball coaching

Possibly the most important key to successful youth basketball coaching is making training sessions fun for everyone – including you. You can only do this with careful planning Your practice plan should take into account the ages and capabilities of your players, but generally your sessions should follow this pattern: • A warm-up to raise... MORE

Teach The Basics First: Basketball Dribbling

in Dribbling drills

Before players start shooting or even think about passing, the most basic skill to teach them is the proper way to dribble the ball. Repetition of the proper movements is key The Basics of basketball dribbling Begin with a properly inflated ball. Too much air causes the ball to bounce over the player’s head without... MORE

Play 3-On-3 Rather Than Full-Court

in Basketball coaching

When players are young, focus most of your drills and scrimmages on half-court skills by playing half-court 3-on-3 rather than 5-on-5 in the full-court setting Playing 3-on-3 allows players more opportunities to pass, dribble, shoot and move around the court. There is more space in the half-court area when just six players occupy it. This... MORE

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