Make your team the envy of every coach in the league

A little mistake that cost a coach his biggest game (and how you can avoid it)

A couple of months back I was talking to a high-school coach about his previous season and his hopes for the end of this year.

He's a good friend of mine so he won't mind me repeating our conversation.

Anyway, we were on Skype and he was saying that his team posted a strong record in the regular season and were on the verge of the playoffs.

The Ultimate Basketball Out-of-Bounds Playbook
The Ultimate Basketball
Out-of-Bounds Playbook

But he admitted he made one mistake that cost his team a playoff place.

Of course, it's my job to help coaches like you avoid costly errors, so I pressed him on exactly what the mistake was.

He said that in the final match of the season his team were amazing, they did everything he asked of them.

They fought and scrapped and worked their way into the game and they didn't let the occassion get to them

They didnít put a foot wrongÖ Until the time it mattered most.

Out of time-outs and only a few seconds left on the clock, there was no time for regrouping. No huddle to settle the players. The players had to think on their feetÖ

But they couldnít work the room to get a shot off.

He said they got it wrong.

But they didnít.

He did!

This coach failed to appreciate that what happened wasnít down to inadequacies in his players. It was down to his poor preparation.

And, boy, did he pay the price!

I don't want you to make the same mistake.

You get it wrong in a big game and thereís no Hollywood ending.

No fans carrying you around the fieldhouse on their shoulders after your guard sinks a buzzer beater.

No ticker tape parade.

Just the deafening silence of disappointment and a lifetime of ďwhat-ifs?Ē

So, unlike the coach I was talking to, you need to make sure you and your team are prepared to grab that chance of victory when it comes your way.

And that means hitting the court and practicing relentlessly.

But you want to make sure youíre practicing the right plays. Not wasting hours on a play that will break down under pressure and lose your winning shot.

You need proven routines that have been effective time-after-time.

  • Plays that have won matches, championships, legacies.
  • Plays that have delivered in the crunch
  • Plays that can make even a bunch of ordinary players look like a well-oiled machine.

So What's the Solution?

Iíve dedicated years of research into the best plays for your team.

Iíve watched and re-watched thousands of plays.

Iíve spent countless hours running the tapes, noting what works and what doesnít.

And Iíve interviewed coaches at every level from high-school to the NBA to find out what works for them - and to get them to prove it.

Now, at last, Iíve distilled the best plays - just 27 of them - carefully selected out of the thousands out there that, together, will create a formidable out-of-bounds attack for your team.

The Ultimate Basketball Out-of-Bounds Playbook will revolutionize your inbounds and make your team the envy of every coach in the league.

Get your copy today and youíll be able to easily:

  • Dominate opponents with perfectly executed plays, every time.
  • Attack the basket with devastating efficiency Ė from any angle!
  • Win more games with an arsenal of dazzling plays at your fingertips.

How can I be sure The Ultimate Basketball Out-of-Bounds Playbook is for me?

This question is of critical importance.

Iíve spent some time talking to Basketball Coach Weekly members to find out what their biggest problems and concerns are.

Iíve dealt with many of them in the weekly magazine. But there was one question that came up time and time again.

I've divided the manual into sections that group together plays of similar themes making it easy for you to find the play you need in no time. You can get on with the real job of coaching your players.

I've also given each play a difficulty rating that will make it much easier to identify the best ones for your specific players.

Thereís no reason a group of beginner youth basketball players canít run the easier plays in the book. And theyíll quickly progress to the more difficult plays with your guidance.

The average youth team will have no problem picking them up. And Iím confident that the book is pitched at the right level for you.

Yes! Secure my copy of The Ultimate Basketball Out-of-Bounds Playbook.

What do I get when I order The Ultimate Basketball Out-of-Bounds Playbook?

Unlike the cheap coaching manuals you'll find on Amazon or in your local book store The Ultimate Basketball Out-of-Bounds Playbook is designed with you in mind.

Iíve invested a great deal of time and money to ensure that The Ultimate Basketball Out-of-Bounds Playbook is the pinnacle of usability.

Each play is brought to life by a series of full-color illustrations. Simple comments highlight the key points in the play, while a key on each page makes it easy to distinguish between runs, dribbles, passes and shots.

Illustrations of players help to visualize the direction and body position of each player. No more vain attempts to imagine what the old-school X's and O's are up to on the court!

You can buy The Ultimate Basketball Out-of-Bounds Playbook in two formats:

  • Digital - A full-colour PDF document stored on your computer. It can easily be emailed to your coaching assistants so they can use it too. You can even send it to your players to help them memorize the plays.

    Plus - you can help the environment by saving trees and using less chemical-based ink by only printing out the plays you need for the day.

    Email delivery means you can get your copy as soon as it is published.

  • Print - A user-friendly spiral bound printed report for your bookshelf or desk. The spiral binding means you can use it without having to hold the page open as with most bound books. When you put it down you donít lose your page and waste valuable time trying to get back to the right spot.

  • Digital and Print - If you want the best of both worlds you can take advantage of my best value offering and get both the PDF and the printed copy at a discounted price. Get the PDF delivered straight away on March 18th, your printed copy will come in the mail 7-10 days later.

Plastic covers on the front and back protect the book from accidental spills and the wear-and-tear that you might otherwise expect from a printed book.

PLUS: Whichever option you go for Iíll even give you free access to the playbook within the Basketball Coach Weekly App for iPhone and iPad. This incredible access (given to you at no extra cost) means youíll have your playbook at your disposal wherever you go. You can even get your iPad out in the huddle and run through the play to remind everyone what they should be doing.

There are no more excuses for failing to execute a play as planned!

Of course, you can purchase a copy directly from the App, but youíll miss out on this exclusive offer that gives you the PDF copy as part of the price.

Yes! Secure my copy of The Ultimate Basketball Out-of-Bounds Playbook

Where else can I get my copy?

The Ultimate Basketball Out-of-Bounds Playbook is only available from the order form here.

You wonít find a copy in your local book store or through online retailers (donít bother looking for it on Amazon!). This specialist coaching information is exclusively for aspiring coaches like you and is of little interest to the armchair basketball fan.

Ordering directly with me means that I can ensure you are happy with your investment. It also helps to keep the price down by eliminating sales commissions and fulfilment fees incurred by other basketball coaching resources.

Plus, unlike other retailers, there is no minimum order to qualify for free shipping. You pay only for the quality information and proven plays that will win you more games Ė not for the delivery of the book in the post!

And by ordering directly from me, I can make sure your order is synced with your iPhone or iPad. If you want, you can order directly from the App itself, but you wouldnít get the PDF version and youíd have to pay full price to order an accompanying printed version.

Whatís the alternative?

I don't know about you, but thereís only one thing that makes me happier than seeing my players practicing great set pieces at training Ė and thatís nailing them in matches.

Parents love to see a slick set-piece too. They might not understand the finer points of pressing or post play, but when they see a slick play from out of bounds they go crazy. Until little Jonny is able to dunk, youíll not get a louder cheer than when heís part of a perfectly executed play!

If you donít want a team that can execute set-plays that are the envy of every other coach in the league. Thatís fine. Thereís no reason to change your ways. You can ignore your set plays, or just keep on with the questionable plays you can pick up for free on the internet!

But if you want other coaches to be jealous of your team. If you want your playersí parents to give you the admiration and respect you work so hard for. And if you want your players to be ready to make that game-winning shot. Thereís no option but to arm yourself with your own copy of The Ultimate Basketball Out-of-Bounds Playbook.

Yes! Secure my copy of the Basketball Out-of-Bounds Playbook

Yours in Basketball,

Michael Austin,
Head Coach, Basketball Coach Weekly.

P.S. The cost works out at less than $2 per play! Unbeatable value by anyone's standards. And these arenít some ďone-time-useĒ plays. Itís not a coffee thatís gone in minutes never to be seen again. Youíre paying less than $2 for plays you can use over and over again.

P.P.S. Whichever version you choose, delivery is absolutely free. Get your copy of The Ultimate Out-of-Bounds Playbook today.


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