130 Great Ideas to Make Your Basketball Team Mentally Stronger

A letter from Brian Williams, basketball coach and skills trainer with 26 years experience...

Mental toughness is the most important skill that you can help your players to develop and they will use it for the rest of their lives.

I wrote this book, Mental Toughness, with two goals:

In the short term, to show you how to use mental toughness to help your team win more basketball games.

In the long run, to help you to provide your players with a life skill to help them handle anything of importance.

Years of research in one easy-to-follow guide

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So what is mental toughness?

To me it's pretty simple, it's about keeping the mind focused on thoughts and emotions that improve performance.

In all sports, the physical aspects are important. Mental toughness focusses on achieving our potential in the mental, emotional and spiritual areas.

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That's the theory. But in practice, it's difficult to master, apply and maintain.

With this in mind, I created Mental Toughness, compiling years of research to give you 130 great ideas to make your basketball players, and teams, mentally stronger.

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I have 26 years of experience behind me as a basketball coach, athletic administrator, and individual skills trainer. Currently, I work at North Putnam High School as the Athletic Director, I'm also the author of four insightful websites aimed at coaches and basketball players, boasting over two million visitors each year.

I'm particularly proud of my achievements as Head Boys Basketball Coach at Winamac High School (1999-2003), I achieved 10 school records and coached 4 students to achieve the Indiana Basketball Coaches Association Scholarship. Similarly, in 2000, I was awarded the Midwest Conference Coach of the Year Award.

Examples of the great ideas you can find in this book:

You will learn:

  • Why you should never accept excuses

  • To establish clear expectations on court behaviour

  • Why practice must be tougher than the games themselves

You will discover:

  • Methods for players to deal with, and learn from, mistakes

  • A technique for mental relaxation during time-outs

  • How to develop rituals and habits that aid mental toughness

You will understand:

  • How mental toughness leads to self-discipline

  • How to set individual and team performance and statistical goals

  • The importance of motivating your players

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Since coaching is really the business of helping young people to succeed, there is no more important reason to emphasize developing mental toughness than that of helping your players to become successful adults.

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Here's a peak at the contents, it covers the seven main areas:

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I have compiled what I have learned throughout my years of studying mental toughness into this book to give basketball coaches a tool that is specific to our game as you work to develop, nurture, and bring out the mental toughness that is in your players.

Invest in a copy of this invaluable Mental Toughness book today and help your players to fulfil their potential.

Yours in basketball,

Brian Williams.

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